(11pm) Samantha called and we went down to the Crystal and shot some pool. (Twas nice having someone to talk to for a change.) (Samantha says that Josh and Caroline broke up again and Caroline moved back to North Carolina.)

Now to watch "Saturday nite live".


(9am) Back in 1980, while I was partying hard in Billings, I ran a survey of the women I met as to why they felt I was undesirable. (The unanimous choice was that I was fat. (Well, I have dropped from 315 to 180 and nothing has changed.)) (Maybe it’s about time to run another survey.)

I think I miss the touching as much or more than sex itself. (I do love to snuggle.)

(9pm) I have sure been grumpy lately.

I was thinking about going to a movie tonite, but it’s sub-zero out there and nice and warm in here.

I wonder why Erica is the only woman I know, who I don't fantasize about? (Maybe because she is the only one I really care to know the reality with?) (Oh well, stick with the fantasies and forget about the dreams.)

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