read, think, evolve

Volume 1 Number 23                                                                        November 11, 2000

According to today's "Missoulian" newspaper, "Greenhouse treaty may be killed by cost."  (Unfortunately, the biggest obstacle to saving the human race is that we are probably just too damn cheap to spend the money necessary.)

Being someone who believes in reincarnation, the thing that worries me even more than the human race becoming extinct, is the possibility that we will screw up the Earth so bad that my next several life times will be spent in a hell hole (Short lives, disease, pollution, ...).  Actually, I wouldn't mind skipping a few dozen generations before coming back, and let the people who are too cheap to do what is necessary to save the Earth and the human race take my turn here for awhile.  (The ultimate revenge on those of us who are actually praying for Armageddon and the "Rapture", is to let them reincarnate during the generations that will have to endure the hell on Earth that they themselves have created.)  (When I say we need to take action to guarantee a better world for our children's children, I'm really saying we need to do it for our selves.  We continue to return to the Earth and we need to do everything we can to make sure it continues to be a pleasant place to return to.)

Personally, I think that there is a lot of money to be made by a lot of people, to face the problem and resolve it.

The trick is to think outside the cube and accept that some industries will have to be sacrificed as we move onto the next era.  If one assumes that the petroleum and utility industries have to be saved, it is valid to conclude that we can't afford to save the Earth and the human race.  (When one projects current levels of consumption in developed countries to the rest of the human race, the Earth simply can't cope with damage done by current methods of producing and distributing energy.)  

The solution both to the green house problem and the long term growth and health of the economy and the human race, is to invest billions of dollars US into a massive program to develop new non-polluting ways to generate and distribute energy.  The solution is within our grasp, if we just make the effort.  (Tis frustrating to see humans sell themselves short and mess up the Earth, just to save the petroleum and utility industries.  Advancement of the human race requires change and sacrifice, but each new level that we move onto is more amazing than the last, and we have to stop allowing fear and greed to get in the way of the future.)

I suppose I shouldn't keep coming back to energy, but cheap energy that is available to everyone everywhere is as critical to economic health as it is to the survival of the human race.  

The other topic that article brings up is that the media throws out bits of information without doing a full analysis of the situation and without providing the readers with all of the variables and assumptions.  (For example, that article doesn't specify that the economic impossibility of enforcing the treaty is valid only if one assumes that the petroleum and utility industries have to be saved.)  (Oh well, maybe more people will wake up and not just take what government, media and corporations say without thinking about it, verifying the information, and getting outside of the cube to look for alternatives and solutions that aren't on the table.)  (All too often the most important things to be heard are the things that no one mentions.  (Controlling what is heard is ultimate power.))

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