read, think, evolve

Volume 1 Number 17                                                                        August 5, 2000

Today I used up the last of my "Teach Tolerance" return address labels on another mailing to literary agents.  (I probably won't find anyone to take me on as a client, but I've got to keep tossing the dice.)  

Anyway, I think it is time to move beyond teaching tolerance, to teaching people to be different.  Hope for the human race comes from the potential to keep asking "why?" and "what if?", and we need to push people to challenge everything and move us into new ways of thinking and living.  (As the bumper sticker says, "celebrate diversity.")

One of the classic examples found in history is the pattern in science for a student to tell the professors that they are wrong, prove it, and then they spend the rest of their lives expanding on that idea and fending off young students trying to prove them wrong.  We have to find some way to unharden ourselves and keep pushing ourselves to learn and understand more about anything and everything.

This flies in the face of the current trends of nationalism and other forms of bigotry that are springing up around the world, but we have to ignore those urges to withdraw, to blame mythical "others" for our problems, to fear difference, and on and on.   

According to the September / October 2000 issue of "Organic gardening" TINA stands for "There Is No Alternative".  They were talking about the fear tactics used by the petro / chemical industries that help keep people from experimenting with organic farming, but that attitude is holding us back on a lot of different fronts.  There are always alternatives.  Since most of what is knowable is still unknown (The flaw in Scully's logic on the "X-files".), we can never claim that there are no alternatives.  We may not know what the alternatives are, but that's no excuse for not getting out and looking for them.  

If we continue to push ourselves and grow, there are unlimited alternatives available to us and we will provide a truly magnificent world for future generations.

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