read, think, evolve

Volume 1 Number 16                                                                        July 29, 2000

Vengeance belongs to Sophia and Yahweh.  

We are not capable of understanding all aspects of what happened and why it happened, and it isn't our responsibility to sit in final judgment on any other person or nation.  The most we can and should do is identify people who are harming others, segregate them from the general population and try to help them people to grow.  (They may have to spend their entire lives segregated from the masses, but they can still work on what they are here to work on.)

I know it is tempting to play God and Goddess, but we just aren't up to the task.  (For example, I feel that I was unfairly treated by my last employer, but it may well be that the God and Goddess set up the situation to knock me out of my rut and send me down another path.  (If I was truly wronged they will take care of balancing the scales.))

We Americans seem to more obsessed with righteousness and vengeance than most.  (For example, although we constitute a mere 5% of the human race, 25% of the world wide prison population are Americans.  (I wonder why that is?  (Are our citizens that much more evil than the rest of the human race?)))  (It has been decades since Dr. Menninger wrote "The crime of punishment", but, instead of following his suggestions, we have gone in the opposite direction.  (The purpose of prisons should be rehabilitation and growth of individuals, not punishment.  (One ex-con told me that they call prison "Gladiator School" and that's another sign that we have got our heads up our asses again.)))  (Besides making people even more evil and skillful than when they were sent to prison, the attitude that criminals have to be punished is leading to situations like in Russia where inadequate health care for prisoners is creating a new breed of tuberculosis that can't be cured yet.)

Regardless, it is time to move on to new ways.  

On the national level, we simply can't afford war (e.g., Europe is still cleaning up ordinance left over from World War I.) anymore, and on the individual level we simply can't continue to persecute and punish each other.  There are so many of us and life is so complex that we have to finally get serious about becoming "civilized".  (That means seeking out non-violent solutions to all problems, and being patient, understanding and compassionate.)

I finally caught up on this project, but I'm unhappy about the quality of the writing in these latest additions to the archive.  (Maybe it's all the hours spent marketing the web site that is dulling my mind?)  (Maybe it's that the money is about gone and I'm distracted by the very real possibility that I will lose everything again and return to living on the streets?)  (Anyway, I apologize and hopefully the future will bring better writing.)

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