read, think, evolve

Volume 1 Number 13                                                                        July 8, 2000

Although I have made some negative comments about corporations and capitalism, I do consider it to be the best choice for now, when it comes to an economic framework.  (Given what little we know it's workable, but eventually we will need to develop more efficient systems and our economic structure will need to evolve.)

One problem with what we have now is that capitalism requires many buyers and sellers in order to work properly.  The era of huge international corporations isn't capitalism and is creating an abundance of problems.  (For example, they have taken over government and raised the rights and privileges of corporations above the rights and privileges of human beings.)

Another problem (and ultimately the principle cause of the first) is that greed has gotten out of control.  Greed is not good.  Greed is evil.  If we do not conquer greed now, we will run over the cliff into the sea.  (It is time to take a stand against it, and bring it back under control.)

Another problem (again resulting from allowing greed to rule us) is the move towards privatization.  There are some things that capitalism does very well.  There are other things that it is terrible at and has no business being involved in.

Short sightedness has been another problem with capitalism, but again I think that is just another symptom of greed.

Medications are a good example.  Capitalism is a good mechanism for producing and distributing medications, but it is a terrible way to do medical research.   Corporations owe it to their shareholders to maximize profits, and, in the medical game, that means finding drugs that treat the symptoms; and management would be derelict in their duties if they pursued cures to diseases.  (Drug companies make far more money from creating addicts than from setting people free.)  (A classic example is how they fought the researcher who proved that most ulcers can be cured.  They were making billions treating the symptoms and they lost a fortune when he cured the disease.)

Medical research needs to be done by the government and the patents should then be licensed out to anyone who wants to get into that market.  (Ultimately that is the solution to the high costs of medications.  With the research shifted to the government, drug companies would only need to cover production and shipping costs along with a reasonable royalty to the government agency doing the research.  (Initially we would have to seed research projects, but I think in time the royalties from their creations would fund continuing research.))

The examples are plentiful when it comes to science.  We have so much to learn and so much of what we will learn will wipe out entire industries, that we simply can't leave it to corporations to do the research.  (I suppose I'm just a romantic dreamer and the corporations would continue to exert control, even if government laboratories did the research, and scientific discoveries that would eliminate the need for their products and services wouldn't easily come about.)  (Tis frustrating to know how great we could be, and see greed get in the way of us becoming all that we can be.)

I suppose I should stop writing and get back to marketing.  (I will be dumpster diving for dinner by the time the snow flies, if things don't turn around, so I have lots of motivation to keep pushing on and ignoring all the rejection and failure.)  (Tis frustrating at times, but I still think it's a fascinating journey!) 

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