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Volume 1 Number 12                                                                        July 1, 2000

Due to global warming my garden is about a month ahead of schedule this year.  It will be nice to have even more food to give away (I love to garden and hate to cook, so I grow food and give it away.) this summer, but I am a bit concerned about all the water I am investing into the garden and I feel a bit guilty about using so much.  (Normally in the Spring we get cool wet weather and then it turns warm and dry in July, but this year it was warm and dry most of the Spring.)

For those who have gotten lost in the everydayness, here are some water numbers (source July/August 2000 "Utne"):

In short we have a problem and the projections are that it will get much worse.

One of the big debates of the early 21st century will be how to distribute water.  There are things that markets can decide effectively, but distribution of water and food based on money isn't going to work out.  Although Communism is a flawed concept, Marx was right that eventually the masses will revolt.  If we continue to let billions starve and suffer, they will eventually rise up.  (Many, if not most, of the battles fought down through the eons have, at least in part, been fought over food.  Eventually a charismatic leader will come forward and unite the vast majority of the human race who are the have nots and lead them against the tiny sliver of humanity that have.)

We have reached a point in time where war is no longer an option.  We have to start changing how we relate and start solving problems with words instead of violence.  In order to accomplish that we will have to end the reign of greed and start making sure everyone has what they need to survive.  (Ultimately the goal has to be to move the vast majority of the human race from abject poverty to the middle class.  (Anything else will eventually lead to warfare that will destroy us all.)  (And, ultimately that is what is good for business.  (The more who have, the more who consume, and the better the economy will be.)))

Again, I think science is the solution to the problem.  (For example, one neat and low tech idea that is being used now is collecting the water in fog.)  (Why do we hesitate?  Why not devote every resource possible to advancing science and looking for solutions to the many problems we are facing?  Are we so lost in mediocrity that we can't see our potential?  I believe in the human race and, if we apply ourselves, we can go anywhere in the universe and do anything we want.)

Enough rambling.  I suppose I will go water the garden, so I can feed others and do what little I can to make life a little nicer for a few more folks.

If anyone has been following this little newsletter I'm sorry for being late getting this issue written and posted.  (I invested a few of my few remaining dollars into a new type of mouse, and now I can work all day without my hand bothering me.  As a result I have gotten lost in marketing and forgot to stop and write a little.  (I hope the human / computer interface continues to evolve and it becomes more human friendly!))

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