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Volume 1 Number 10                                                                        June 17, 2000

I'm pondering again on the ultimate us and them issue:  gender.

There are just so many anti-female things happening around the world that it disturbs me.  I don't see how we can move forward without resolving this issue.

For example, there have been numerous "dowry murders" in Pakistan and India among Hindu, Christian and Muslim households.  Somehow they have moved to a place where parents can't afford to pay enough money to marry off their daughters.  (Wives are seen as burdens and without sufficient compensation their mother in law will burn them to death and blame it on a cooking accident.)  (Among other problems this is leading to pregnant women getting ultrasounds and aborting females because they are a burden and a liability for the family.)

For example, many places in Asia have been looking for ways to reduce population growth.  One of the results has been that pregnant women get ultrasounds and they abort the females, because they prefer males.  I suppose one can argue that reducing the female population helps the population problem.  And, I saw one doctor in India comment that the reduction in the female population may result in people finally beginning to value women.  I think it's just wrong.  (Among other reasons, I have noticed that subcultures that are predominately one gender tend to become very sick, and if we start getting nations that are predominately male it will result in bad outcomes.)

For example, some places consider it a matter of family honor to murder sisters and daughters who have lost their virginity before marriage.

For example, some places consider it appropriate to circumcise females so that they can't enjoy sex.

For example, in the US women pushed for an Equal Rights Amendment a number of years back.  It died and no one ever talks about that anymore.  (Why did people give up on that?)  (It needs to be resurrected and pushed forward with due diligence in every corner of the globe!)

As I have commented before, a lot of the problem results from patriarchal religious systems the value men over women; and the only real solution is to reintegrate the Goddess back into our religion and start valuing women.  (We aren't going to survive if we don't start doing that.)  (I don't have a clue how to accomplish that though.  (How did we get to this point?))

The population problem does need fixing.  (We need negative population growth at least wait until we make some major scientific breakthroughs.)  The solution isn't aborting female babies though.  (The sister of one of my friends died of a butchered abortion back in the 60's, and I have been pro-choice ever since; but, when the choice is being made to get rid of females that isn't right either.)  (I think one part of the solution is to spend a lot of money on improving birth control.  (Ultimately, we don't have a safe effective method of birth control, and, given our scientific capabilities, that is just absurd.))

Well, I suppose I should abandon idealism for another week and get back to the cold realities of internet marketing.  (Considering the damage this process is inflicting on my wrist, maybe I should say "painful realities"?)  (Tis frustrating to work so hard and get so little in return, but I am a workaholic and I have to do something.)

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