read, think, evolve

Volume 1 Number 9                                                                        June 10, 2000

Another change I think we need to make is to wake everyone up and get busy.  We have gotten lost in mediocrity, and only a tiny fraction of the human race are everything that they could be.  (Tis sad to see so much wasted human potential!)

For starters, we have to radically expand the world's education system.  Over the past century in the U.S. we have evolved from a time when most people could make it through life with 8 years of formal education, to a time when most people need at least 16 years of education to make it through life.  Since 16 years is the minimum necessary we need make sure it is freely available to everyone.  It's tempting to say that it's not our problem or that it wasn't provided to us free of charge, but we have an obligation to make sure humanity continues to evolve and grow and that isn't going to happen without providing each generation with the education necessary to not only make it in this world, but to make the world better.  (For those who only view life in terms of the bottom line, the reality is that to compete in this market the current work force needs to be retrained and the next generation will need to be even better educated.  Any country that doesn't invest in it's workers educations isn't going to be able to compete.)

The next thing that needs to be done is to cash in on that investment in education by  beginning massive scientific research projects in several different fields.  I believe that the argument that science can save us is a valid one, but we must begin immediately to invest huge sums into scientific research so that we can save the earth for future generations.  If we pursue solutions with all of our will, they can be found, but it will take time and we need to roll up our sleeves and get to work.  

One major project that needs doing is to find a way to produce and store electricity cheaply.  The planet simply can't cope with continuing to do it the way we are now, and we have to move on.  If we pursue that solution like the beat generation pursued landing on the moon, we can have the entire human race off of the grid within a decade.

Also, there are dozens of medical research projects that need to be dealt with, it's time to find new building materials, and we are going to have to figure out new ways to acquire raw materials (e.g., I think mining operations will have to be moved from the earth to the astroid fields, moons and other planets.).  

There are more than enough research projects to keep just about everyone busy for decades, pursing a better future; and it's time for everyone to wake up and get to work.  (And, all that research will translate into new products and services which will in turn drive economic advances.  (Companies based on current technology, as always, will be replaced by ones based on new science; and the cycles will go on.))

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