read, think, evolve

Volume 1 Number 6                                                                        May 20, 2000

Maybe I should clarify the goals of this thought game I am playing (hopefully someday others will join in turn this into a dialogue, but so far it's just me)?  

I believe there is something to the dozens of prophecies which predict major disasters and or the final apocalypse.  I think it is obvious that we are on the edge of chaos on multiple levels, and the human race could see major reductions in population and possible extinction.  

Unlike many who hear prophesy and throw themselves upon the flames, I recognize that all prophesy is merely a comment that if we continue to travel the path we are on, then we will arrive at that place prophesied.  I believe that at any point we may choose to stop, take another path, and arrive at another destination.  I believe the possibilities open to the human race are tremendous, and we can provide our children's children with something truly magnificent.  What I am grasping for in this monologue are ways that we can change, so that we get to a better place instead of a worse place.

The problem is that there are so many questions.  What do we change and how do we change it?  And who will step forward and lead us through the process?

It's obvious from the accomplishments of my father's generation that, when leaders step forward, human beings are capable of amazing things.  (e.g., they faced and defeated fascism.)-(e.g., they set their sites on the moon and went there.)-(e.g., they had dreams about a world where there was equality, and they brought us a long ways down that road.  (There is still a long ways to go; but, with the right leaders, we can take it the rest of the way.))

There is always reason to have hope.  We are capable of amazing things and can rise above what we are today.

Well, despite the complaints of the hand that wields the mouse, I need to get back to trying new marketing ideas.  I think that I'll try joining some web rings.  (Hopefully something will work and money will start coming in soon.)  

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