read, think, evolve

Volume 1 Number 5                                                                        May 13, 2000

What to talk about this week?  So far I have picked topics that I am struggling with in my own life, so I guess I will talk about another one of those this week.

One of the things that has torn me apart over the years is the struggle to reconcile my accountant aspect with my poet and spiritual aspects.  There is a part of me that likes the cold, seemingly easy answers provided by analyzing numbers, but I can't shake the reality that human lives lie behind those numbers, and what appear to be obvious answers provided by the numbers, often result in destroyed lives.  Not being able to forget the humanity behind the numbers is why I haven't been and probably never will be successful at making a living with numbers.  (I'm just not willing to swing the ax, regardless of the human consequences.)

I think, in order to survive, we will have to start paying more attention to the needs of people than to the needs of corporations and government entities.  The right answer has to stop being what produces the most money, and start being what is best for the earth and for its inhabitants.  (How do we overcome the greed though?)  (How do we learn to value the earth and our brothers and sisters?)

For example, if we continue the way we are going it won't be long before machines have replaced just about every person in the production cycle.  The bottom line just won't allow companies to continue to use human employees when they can produce things cheaper and more efficiently with machines.  Although I don't think it will be all bad to turn repetitive dangerous tasks over to machines, we have to find some way for people to make money and keep busy.  I don't see much value in standing on an assembly line doing the same thing over and over, but I am convinced that people need to do some kind of work.  Will we be able to find something constructive and positive for people to dedicate their lives to?  

For example, can we move to constructive management of people?  Up until now, in the history of humanity, management by intimidation has prevailed; but we need to move toward humane treatment of humans in all aspects of life.

Maybe the answer is to start attributing financial values to the environment and life, so that the existing formula return answers that reflect the impact on people and the earth?

Maybe the answer is to make a yes / no analysis of everything, reviewing the impact on the earth and life, and not even do the financial analysis if there would be damage to the earth or life?

Well, again I have come up with more guest ions than answers.  (Such is life.)

Now I need to take of the writing hat and go back to marketing.  (My right hand is protesting the idea of more 14 hour days at the computer, but I don't have much time left to find some way to make some money.  (It would be nice to not lose my home.)-(And, it would be sad to have to give up my cat.)  (Oh well, I'm sure I will find someway to learn and grow, regardless of what happens in my financial life.))

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