read, think, evolve

Volume 1 Number 4                                                                        May 6, 2000

Freedom of speech

Supposedly we have this right in the U.S., but there are so many exceptions spread out across so much of life that that right has been severely compromised.

For example, political correctness dictates that we severely restrict what we talk about in the workplace.  (We give up our right to speak in exchange for a paycheck, and the corporation once again takes precedent over human beings.)

For example, political correctness dictates that we severely restrict what we talk about in school.  (We give up our right to speak in exchange for the information that will prepare us to be good consumers and producers, for the benefit of the corporations.)

We spend so much of our lives in those two locations that for a great portion of our lives we are hamstrung by political correctness and blocked off from our birth right.  

And, when we come home and turn on the TV we are once again confronted with political correctness's idea of entertainment.

In order for humans to move forward we must be able to talk about anything and everything, everywhere.  There is no excuse, no rationalization, no nothing that should stand between us and freedom of speech.  We must focus on speaking the unspoken and thinking the unthinkable, in order to devise new structures and systems which will allow us to continue on, grow, and provide a better world for our children's children.

How do we regain that right in the U.S.?  How do we give that right to all of our brothers and sisters?  (Freedom of speech must become the birth right of all humans, and we have to wake up and claim what is ours.)

As someone who suffers from Social Anxiety Disorder I am more aware than most just how painful words can be, but I still think that people must be able to speak and diverse thoughts and all available information must be brought to the table in order to find our way into the future.

Well, the cash is nearly gone and I will have to start selling the last of the stock remaining from my retirement account.  (A month ago the stocks were up about 10% from when I bought them, but now they are way down; so I'm going to have a negative taxable income this year.  (I have had lots of bad years financially, but this will be the first year that I have actually lost money.)  (What did I do to deserve this?  Or, is it that I must go through losing everything again in order to learn something that I failed to learn when I went through it in the past?))  (Oh well, tis time to stop feeling sorry for myself and get back to my job as webmaster.)

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